Welcome to Cookies R Us, New Zealand!! Where we create LARGE Cookies........Our Cookies are the size of a Large PIZZA, YES thats right the size of a Large Pizza!!!!

Our Cookies are Hand Made & are Delicious!! They are Crunchy on the outside & Soft in the centre......mmmm mmmm GOOD! Check out our pictures in our 'Gallery' & when you want to order, head to the 'Cookie Shop' Button

These make fabulous gifts for all Occasions; Birthdays, Thanks-You's, Anniversaries, Congratulatory Gifts, CHRISTMAS - you name it, any occasion - people love them & they are SO affordable! We can add a Ribbon & a Card with a short message from you.

We have sold HUNDREDS of these Delicious & Unique

 Cookies, We have clients as far North as KeriKeri & as far

 South as Invercargill. We can ship these to ANY Location in New Zealand!