Here at Cookies R Us, we are dedicated to making LARGE COOKIES, in-fact they are so LARGE, they are 'Pizza Sized Cookies'. We are the makers  of THE largest continuously made cookies in New Zealand! Our cookies measure in at Approx:

30cm in Diameter.
2.5-3cm thick
1.2kg in weight

Our Cookies are handmade, from scratch, using our very own secret recipe! And because they are handmade (by a human……not a machine!) No two cookies will ever be exactly the same. Each are unique in their very own way. BUT one thing is consistent in EVERY Cookie we make…….QUALITY!

Because our Cookies are handmade, with Love & Dedication, you can always rest assure, you will always receive a Cookie of top quality!

Try one of our delicious flavor's today!

Cookies are baked fresh to order - just for you :)

Due to high demand, All cookies are baked & sent within 3 business days of your order being placed.


These are wonderful as treats for the whole household or family, or perhaps a gift for someone special, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentines, Thank You Gifts, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Congratulatory gifts…..or JUST BECAUSE!

We can include Cards & Ribbons for gift Cookies. Please select 'Gift Service' before heading to the Check Out.

Take a look at our Gallery pictures of our famous Pizza Sized Cookies & when you can’t resist the temptation any longer, head over to the ‘Cookie Shop’ button & order away!!


All Cookies are couriered, any location in New Zealand is possible! We have had clients as far North as KeriKeri & as far South as Invercargill.

Postage is added on at the checkout (depending on your location, & the type of delivery you prefer, prices range from $7.50 - $16.20).

We use 'Courier Post' Couriers.

Up to TWO Cookies can be sent on 1 courier fee.

All North Island Courier fees are for overnight delivery.

South Island customers have the choice of selecting economy delivery (2-3 days) OR overnight delivery.

Please note: postage delivery times are targets, not promises, so it is always a great idea when planning to send gift cookies, to plan in advance, rather than last minute.

At Cookies R Us, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have sent 100’s of cookies, all around New Zealand & so far ALL of them have arrived safely & soundly in one piece, However we must mention, that we take no responsibility for how your cookie is handled in transit.


We recommend you consume your Cookie within 1 week of receiving it.

You may keep it inside its package & inside its box until consumed, or wrapped in glad wrap or alternatively, sliced into pieces & stored in an air tight container.

May we suggest……….slicing your cookie into desired pieces & microwaving it until warm, soft & gooey & serving with ice cream & a small amount of chocolate sauce drizzled over the top mmmmm mmmmm delicious!!


Thank You for reading all about us, we look forward to sending you FRESH, Delicious, Pizza Sized Cookies very soon! Have a great Day!